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T&G proundly announce biggest project in Middle East-Kish Island done    2015-12-17 00:50:34
Kish Island development project, which is one of T&G's biggest project in Middle East has finished successfully. T&G, as the primary vendor and partner for this project, supplying major building materials from tiles,doors,windows to other interior decors. Covering the whole island,developer commit to develop it into the most dynamic community in this region. T&G team, leading by Bruce, sourcing numerous vendors until only one of two qualified candidates are selected. We proudly providing the following materials to Kish, 1, 600x600 Ceramic tiles; 2,100x100 handcraft tiles; 3,interior doors; 4,100x300 tiles; 5,furnitures; 6,gates 7,windows.
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1,Gold Bullion/Nugget/Dust

We are looking for principal seller / producers of gold metal... 

2,Iron Ore

We are currently working as buyer mandate for some key foundries in China mainland.

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