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Bruce with Harley Seyedin (left), President of GZ American Chamber of Commerce
Bruce with Romiro, PhD (left), President of Villeda Consulting Group,Inc. USA
Bruce with Martinez, Purchase Officer of Brasa Company, Mexico
Bruce with David Fink (right 2nd), President of Elegant Bath, USA
Bruce with American clients in Guangzhou trade show
Bruce with Ricardo, Mexico Client
T&G hosted business journal group from USA and Mexico in 2005
Bruce with Ruizhang Zhao, Governor of Kaiping Guangdong, P.R.China 2005
Bruce with Pingchao Wu, Mayor of Kaiping,Guangdong, P.R.China
Bruce with Jiye Huang, Government officer of Kaiping, Guangdong,P.R.China

2006 in Abborsford Show

2007  Interviewed by CBC.ca

2008 With Daniel Lee,Former D.Mayor of Vancouver

2008 in CHGBA's Committee Banquet

2008 Commercial Video for S.U.C.C.E.S.S

2008 Bruce & Sam(Former Mayor of Vancouver)

Bruce Addressed in S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Business Event 2007

2007 Interviewed by Local News Paper in Vancouver

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1,Gold Bullion/Nugget/Dust

We are looking for principal seller / producers of gold metal... 

2,Iron Ore

We are currently working as buyer mandate for some key foundries in China mainland.

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