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      All these positions are for China office only, any one who have interest for

      the following positions please send your resume to   career@tttggg.com 

      attn: Bruce. you should go to Download /public zone to download a standard

      job application spreadsheet and send back to us, we don't accept any nonstandard

      sheets, thank you for your cooperation.




       We'd like to take this opportunity to know more professional people who have a job already but want  to get more chance to serve the society, if you are professional in foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian ...etc.), laws or other skill, we welcome you to send us your resume, for you will have some chances for you to exhibit your professional skills.  Undergraduates are most warmly welcome.


     1)Partime Translators:                                                   Apply now


        • College certificate or above
        • English Band 4 over above
        • Can go out for business trip inside China
        • Patient, creative, independent,
        • Team player                                                          



        • Documentary
        • Business guide and translator
        • Trade show or event assistant
        • Part-time merchandiser                                    

           Salary:   calculated by day+good performance rewards  

PS: Spanish,French,Japanese,Russain and other fewer language speakers are warmly welcome to register here. We will have chances to work with you.



      2)Part-time Sales Person:                                                    Apply Now


        • Have internet access
        • Good command in English reading and writing


        • Promote business global online   
        • Keep in touch with potential clients


                 Salary: commission from each deal     


          3)Part-time Information Publisher and Collectors:         Apply Now


        • Major in IT or relative specialty
        • Have internet access
        • Good command in English reading and writing


        • Advertise website and service globally online   
        • Collect buyers contact information           

         Salary:            Negotiation     



          4)Sales Event  Rep:                                                               Apply Now


        • College students
        • Enthusiastic and hard-working
        • Height over 1.60cm
        • Good Image


         Responsibilities: depends on the relative event


         Salary:            calculated by day + good performance rewards


            5)Professional Personnel :                                                   Apply Now


We warmly welcome the following professional personnel to send contact details to us since we  may need your help some time,

          Lawyer, have experience in international business case handling

Specific industry expert, networking, management, product examination…etc.




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