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Super sourcing Location : Our services

With over 12 years experience in information sourcing , no matter you need sourcing service for global buyers, manufacturers, agents... or you need due diligence service for potential customers, at T&G sourcing center, we have the best solution for you.

We master some cutting edge information technology, which leverage us dig it much deeper than any competitors in the market, our specialists come from IT, international trading and custom brokerage industry,  we know who we are and where to go.

Please feel ease to consult us, get more ideas for the following services but not limit to,

  • Due diligence for buyer or seller;
  • Competitor purchase tracking and monitoring;
  • Buyer, seller, product sourcing;

and more...

A sourcing report come from search engines like google, yahoo... or by B2B websites like Alibaba, globalsource...or by phone calls with yellow page... That's not what we do, we have left them to juniors! We'll do it different! 

If you are not satisfy with the outcome from other sourcing juniors, we are right here for you!
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1,Gold Bullion/Nugget/Dust

We are looking for principal seller / producers of gold metal... 

2,Iron Ore

We are currently working as buyer mandate for some key foundries in China mainland.

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