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In the recent year, T&G has changed its business focus to the resource industry
globally, in turn helping large government corporations in mainland China
integrate with global industy leaders to improve their marketing strategies. As
a great reputable company with intensive ties to the Chinese business community,
we are a tremendously resourceful company that has great strength and expertise
in international business operations. T&G has offices and affiliates in major
strong economic regions, leveraging us to succeed in representing large scale
public companies. T&G provides an opportunity for purchasing bulk volumes of raw
materials, playing an important role in the process of Mergers and/or
Acquisitions of global resource based corporations for companies in China. T&G
also coordinates government officials with infrastructure projects in foreign
countries; for example, petroleum pipeline projects, hydro projects, port
infrastructures, etc. The companies we represent are all leaders in their
respective industries. The companies we represent have an abundance source of
capital, exceptional credit lines and reputation for integrity.  Our main line
of business is focused on building partnerships with government organizations
from different countries including also both large to medium sized companies who
may want to be involved in China's fast growing market.

We specialize in the following Service Objectives:

1. Import into China:
  1.1 Minerals-Iron Ore,Copper Ore,lead-zinc ore, Sulphur...etc.
  1.2 Recycled Materials--used rails,steel,copper,plastic,aluminium scraps
  1.3 Used Cars--we only deal with luxury cars like Mercedes-Benz s550,Porsche
      Cayenne,BMW X5....
  1.4 Lumber--hard wood and soft wood,pulp

2,Export from China:
  2.1 Oil drilling supplies---ceramsite sand,Casting Sand
  2.2 Construction Materials---all finishing products like glass mosaic tile,
      faucet,stainless steel,pedistal and sink, lighting...etc.
  2.3 Garments--exceptional resouce of jeans,realize high profit margin.
  2.4 Electronic--POS printers,Cell phones
  2.5 Other items you wish us to help source.


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1,Gold Bullion/Nugget/Dust

We are looking for principal seller / producers of gold metal... 

2,Iron Ore

We are currently working as buyer mandate for some key foundries in China mainland.

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