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MAINLAND CHINA Rm1101, Blk A, #6 East Jindu Garden, Muqiaoxi Road, Kaiping, Guangdong, China 529300
  86-750-231 9798    cn@tttggg.com          http://cn.tttggg.com   
HONG KONG       RM D, 3/F, Nam Cheong Building, 48-52 Hill Road, Hong Kong
  852-6406 8440      
CANADA 1060 Barclay St, Vancouver, BC, Canada V5V 1M8
                                   1-604-295 4321      bruce@tttggg.com
USA 638 High Meadows Dr, Sugar Land, USA, TX  77479
  1-281-914-1367      hprasla@yahoo.com



 General info: info@tttggg.com

Job Application: career@tttggg.com

Vendors Application: vendor@tttggg.com


                           By valuing our clients, we can develop ourselves into a  better company!
NAME Bruce Liang
JOB TITLE Founder and President
EXPERIENCE Started his business career in early 1999                                                    
CONTACT DETAILS Ph: 1-604-295 4321
Email: bruce@tttggg.com
Msn: tttggg888@hotmail.com
Skype: tttggg888

                           We always keep your business our focus in priority !
NAME Chi Wong
JOB TITLE Marketing Manager                                                                                                  
CONTACT DETAILS Ph: 1-604-295 4321 
 Email: chi@tttggg.com
 Skype: chiwong

                                 With networking, all people in the world are just our  neighbourhood!
NAME Jach Chen
JOB TITLE System Engineer                                                                                                 
CONTACT DETAILS Ph: 1-604-295 4321
 Email: Jack@tttggg.com
 Skype: maplecomca

Good quality products with incredible prices, we have both for you!
NAME Huashan Liang
JOB TITLE China Office Manager                                                                                       
EXPERIENCE 30 years experience in management position 
CONTACT DETAILS  Ph: 86-750-2319798   
 Email: cn@tttggg.com
 Skype: tttggg803

We care about your products as well as our owns.
NAME Simon Zhou
JOB TITLE  Logistics Manager                                                                                          
EXPERIENCE  10 years experience in logistics industry
CONTACT DETAILS Ph: 86-750-231 9798


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1,Gold Bullion/Nugget/Dust

We are looking for principal seller / producers of gold metal... 

2,Iron Ore

We are currently working as buyer mandate for some key foundries in China mainland.

 More Details.. click Here

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